Useful Roofing Tips and Tricks – How to Avoid Hail Damage on Your Roof

If you live in an area where hail storms are frequent, then learning all about how to avoid hail damage on your roof is not just an uncommon DIY eccentricity, but an important necessity.

We sometimes laugh at the idea of preventing damage, until we end up face to face with a hefty roof repair estimate. At that point, the damage on an older roof can be so severe that it might not even be worth repairing anymore. To avoid such scenarios, read on to find out how to avoid hail damage and keep your roof in good order for a long time to come.

Preventing Hail Damage Can Be Easy

The deeper aspects of how to avoid hail damage on your roof before it even occurs have been debated for quite a while. Fortunately, these days most Pleasanton roofing companies can give you some very helpful and definite tips and recommendations to help you out with that problem:

  1. Inspect your roof for damaged or fragile areas, such as a loose shingle or mildly damaged flashing. Repair the affected area as soon as possible.
  2. Remove branches and other debris from your roof, and make sure any weak branches still attached to a nearby tree will also be removed. Failure to do so could cause the branch to be broken off during a storm, so it would fall on your roof and damage it.
  3. Clear your gutters and gutter guards of debris, and make sure rainwater can flow smoothly through your gutters. The gutter system can otherwise easily be flooded during the high volume rainfall of a powerful hail storm.
  4. Use proper weatherproof roof coating to further strengthen your roof against hail and prevent damage from occurring.

Of course, aside from these recommendations, it is also very important to make sure you inspect your roof as frequently as possible and eliminate even the slightest chance that a weak point can become a damaged area. You can then sit back and relax, since even the most powerful hail storms will fail to cause any significant damage.

hail damage roof repair

What to Do If a Hail Storm Has Already Damaged Your Roof

If you notice hail has already damaged your roof, there are a few things that you should never do. First of all, never use companies that are storm chasers and promise you quick “miracles” as long as you pay them a lot of money in advance. In most cases, a reputable Pleasanton roofing company will never ask for more than 10% upfront.

Another important thing to avoid is putting off your repairs. Whether you’re thinking of fixing your broken shingles and flashing yourself, or you want to bring in a professional roofer to do the job, make your decision as quickly as possible, and get results before the hail damage starts causing severe problems such as leaks that end up damaging your interior walls and furniture.

As you can see, once a hail storm has already caused a lot of damage, it can be much harder to get rid of the problem than before. As a result, it’s extremely important – both to avoid higher expenses and to refrain from having to work as hard – to find out all there is to know about how to avoid hail damage on your roof.