Roof Replacement: A brief

Roofing is arguably the most important aspect of structural integrity when it comes to construction of houses and residential units. The roof protects you from the environment and keeps you safe. That is precisely why the phrase “put a roof over your head”; has so much meaning to it. We suggest that you utilise the efforts of your construction company or hire a professional to install the roof. In this article, we look into the concept of roof replacement and the mistakes that can lead to ineffective roof replacement.


Roofs get old and need to be replaced and repaired. But what happens is many low-cost roofing companies and house owners would just add new shingles over the old ones instead of excavating the old shingles. Excavating the old shingles can be an expensive process but one that is much needed. If new roof shingles are placed over old ones; the roof can degrade due to the accumulation of dirt and moisture in the space between old and new shingles.

Besides shingles the other area where low-cost roofing companies cut corners on is the metal flashing of the roof. The metal flashing is an important component of the roof that protects the vulnerable areas of the roof from deterioration. But the metal flashes are extremely difficult to remove and will require a lot of man-hours to do so. So these roofing companies polish the metal flashing and do minor work on them and reinstall the old ones. They charge you a bomb for it nonetheless. But the ramifications of not replacing your old metal flashing can be extraordinary. If the metal flashing is not strong, it can lead to moisture accumulation that can lead to leakage and compromise of the structural integrity of the roof leading to cracks.

We understand the kind of costs that go into replacing roofs, and we also understand your need to be cost-effective. If you don’t invest enough time into monitoring the work done by roofing companies or sign off on shortcuts; you will end up spending a lot more in roof re-instalment. Replacement may seem like an expensive investment, but it is one that needs to be done to make sure that your roof doesn’t completely fail. Roof replacement needs to be looked at as the surgery that is effectively going to take away all the pain and not as a bandage that is used to cover the cracks.