Learn More About Metal Roofing to Make an Informed Decision

If you’re looking to install a brand new roof, chances are you’ve already looked at a variety of choices. Metal roofing systems are considered to be some of the best due to their low maintenance requirements, easy and affordable installation, and durable construction.

But metal roofing has a lot of secrets that most homeowners don’t really know about. While being so popular and durable can be good enough reason to get it, you might want to look into other details as well, so that you can compare it with other materials and make an informed choice overall.

First we have to talk about the fact that most types of metal can be used to build cool roofing systems. While “cool” in this case can mean aesthetic and popular, its primary meaning – as most roofers will tell you – have to do with the roof’s ability to withstand high temperatures and protect your home against overheating.

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A metal roof does that primarily through its reflective capabilities, its superior coating and its ability to add thermal inertia to your home. The chemical construction of most metals make them excellent materials for reflecting electromagnetic waves of a certain energy and frequency. Cool roofs painted a light color that also have special coating can be adapted to the particular frequencies of UV radiation that goes through most roofs and transfers a large amount of heat to the home. With a cool metal roof, your home will be protected and your AC unit will no longer have to work as hard as before.

Moreover, the thermal resistance of a metal roof means it doesn’t easily allow strong temperature differences to influence it or your home. This means it takes more time for heat to enter or escape your home, so you can save a lot of money on keeping your HVAC unit from working too hard in the summer or winter.

The beautiful designs achieved with residential metal roofing can rival those of virtually any type of roof you can think of buying. Instead of being limited by its construction, a metal roof can be adapted into any shape and design that your imagination can conjure up. In contrast, materials like concrete and slate are extremely hard to carve and the process is very expensive to use them to create unique shapes for the design of your roof. Also, while wood can be carved more easily, it lacks the distinct customization you can get from a metal roof, which can even be used to mimic the appearance, texture and color of slate, wood, concrete, terracotta or just about any other type of roofing material.

A durable and universal type of roofing that comes cheap in its basic form and requires little to no maintenance over years of ownership, metal roofing can be one of the best choices for your home almost regardless of where you live. So if you want the best quality materials for your roof, consider contacting your local Springfield MO roofing companies and asking for a written estimate on how much your new metal roof might cost. You might even be shocked by the affordable price!