How to Tell If You Need a Full Roof Replacement Instead of a Simple Roof Repair

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As you plan to hire a Greenville roofing company to take care of the hole in your roof, it’s essential that you figure out whether you want your roof to be repaired or replaced. The answer to this issue isn’t always clear from the start, as the old roof could still be fixable, but it’s not always certain that the repair job will be worth the cost or the effort.

This is why a lot of roofing contractors will recommend that you first have a complete roof inspection and then make your decision subsequently. Through this approach, you can consider all variables and see if the repair work is worth the cost, or if you should rather think about getting a brand new roof.

Getting a Roof Inspection

Hiring a Greenville roofing company to inspect your roof is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is call them up, and their handy technicians will arrive in no time to check out the damage done to your roof.

Storm damage sometimes requires a more thorough inspection due to the hidden problems that might arise. The same goes for even smaller damaged areas on roofs that are somewhat older or more prone to the humid conditions found in the Greenville area. Many times, the experts will discover problems that go deeper and are not very easy to detect without having an experienced eye.

The information gathered during the roof inspection will then be used to determine whether or not a roof replacement is necessary. Then the roofers will discuss the problem with you and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on what steps to take next.

How to Discuss the Issue with Your Contractor

A dependable roofing contractor will likely know early on if the roof repair project should be attempted or not. Especially if you hire a local Greenville roofing company, they will have a lot of information about the roofing materials required, the difficulty of the labor and, more importantly, the likelihood that your roof will be damaged again soon after the repair will be completed.

The roof inspection will still help them, of course, but in most cases factors like your roof’s age and whether or not it requires structural repair will provide some strong hints for or against the repair project.

Discussing the matter isn’t always easy. If they say that the roof can be repaired, consider inquiring about the costs, how long the project would take and whether or not the repaired roof will subsequently require a great deal of maintenance work. If they say the roof needs to be replaced, make sure to ask your contractor if they can’t suggest alternatives – such as a partial replacement, or an elaborate repair job. Also, ask them what materials and roofing products they would recommend, and whether they might suggest upgrades that could ensure your newly installed roof will not meet the fate of the old one.

With the help of a proficient and experienced team of experts from a reputable Greenville roofing company, you’ll find that not only will your roofing problems be solved, but that they’ll strive to do it in such a way that any effort, time or money spent on your part will be minimal.