Good Tile Options for a Home in Illinois

Tile roofs confer homes a distinctive and very elegant Mediterranean look and they also provide efficient and long-lasting protection against the elements – a very important factor for Illinois homes that have to endure severe weather the year around. If you are in the process of finding the perfect tiles for your home in the Prairie State, Algonquin roofing companies offer a few suggestions:

Concrete or Clay Tiles

These attractive and very durable tiles are suitable only for buildings that can hold up a heavy roof. Most clay and concrete tiles resist well among the wide temperature fluctuations that are associated with the climate in Illinois, but if you choose this option, make sure you get Grade 1 tiles to prevent any cracking caused by heat waves and very cold periods. Concrete and clay tiles also provide superior thermal comfort inside the house – tile roofs can preserve the temperature inside the home comfortable in summer as well as in winter and their great ventilation features prevent the appearance of mold and mildew in the attic and throughout the home.

Tiles Made from Synthetic Materials

Synthetic tiles are made from plastic or rubberized materials that are more resistant to temperature variations than clay or concrete tiles and they are much lighter as well. Synthetic tiles are available in a very wide range of colors, textures and designs, allowing homeowners to benefit of the same attractive looks that clay or concrete offers, but without the weigh-related concerns. The tiles made from synthetic materials usually come with very long warranty periods, usually from 50 years upwards and they are also affordable and energy-efficient solutions for any home in Illinois.

Tiles Made from Steel and Other Metal Alloys

Another great and attractive roofing solution for Illinois homes. Metal tiles come in very many different designs and colors and they offer longevity as well. The metal alloys used in the tiles are not sensitive to corrosion or to rust, they don’t get damaged by changing temperatures, by very low or very high humidity, they don’t catch fire and they can hold up the weight of the snow in winter as well. Metal tiles are also lightweight, therefore suitable for lightweight buildings as well.

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A Few Thoughts about Cost

Roofing tiles, whatever the type and the material, cost a bit more than other roofing materials, such as shingles. However, the longevity of these roofs and the great thermal insulation features offered by these modern systems make the investment worth it – if you choose to have a tile roof, you can be sure you will not have to replace it for decades and your energy bills will start shrinking the minute your tile roof is complete. If you take all these factors into consideration and you add the enhanced curb appeal, too, you will see that your tile roof can also add resale value to your home – the properties that have tile roofs are much more attractive and they also sell faster and for more when they are put out on the housing market.