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Useful Roofing Tips and Tricks – How to Avoid Hail Damage on Your Roof

If you live in an area where hail storms are frequent, then learning all about how to avoid hail damage on your roof is not just an uncommon DIY eccentricity, but an important necessity.

We sometimes laugh at the idea of preventing damage, until we end up face to face with a hefty roof repair estimate. At that point, the damage on an older roof can be so severe that it might not even be worth repairing anymore. To avoid such scenarios, read on to find out how to avoid hail damage and keep your roof in good order for a long time to come.

Preventing Hail Damage Can Be Easy

The deeper aspects of how to avoid hail damage on your roof before it even occurs have been debated for quite a while. Fortunately, these days most Pleasanton roofing companies can give you some very helpful and definite tips and recommendations to help you out with that problem:

  1. Inspect your roof for damaged or fragile areas, such as a loose shingle or mildly damaged flashing. Repair the affected area as soon as possible.
  2. Remove branches and other debris from your roof, and make sure any weak branches still attached to a nearby tree will also be removed. Failure to do so could cause the branch to be broken off during a storm, so it would fall on your roof and damage it.
  3. Clear your gutters and gutter guards of debris, and make sure rainwater can flow smoothly through your gutters. The gutter system can otherwise easily be flooded during the high volume rainfall of a powerful hail storm.
  4. Use proper weatherproof roof coating to further strengthen your roof against hail and prevent damage from occurring.

Of course, aside from these recommendations, it is also very important to make sure you inspect your roof as frequently as possible and eliminate even the slightest chance that a weak point can become a damaged area. You can then sit back and relax, since even the most powerful hail storms will fail to cause any significant damage.

hail damage roof repair

What to Do If a Hail Storm Has Already Damaged Your Roof

If you notice hail has already damaged your roof, there are a few things that you should never do. First of all, never use companies that are storm chasers and promise you quick “miracles” as long as you pay them a lot of money in advance. In most cases, a reputable Pleasanton roofing company will never ask for more than 10% upfront.

Another important thing to avoid is putting off your repairs. Whether you’re thinking of fixing your broken shingles and flashing yourself, or you want to bring in a professional roofer to do the job, make your decision as quickly as possible, and get results before the hail damage starts causing severe problems such as leaks that end up damaging your interior walls and furniture.

As you can see, once a hail storm has already caused a lot of damage, it can be much harder to get rid of the problem than before. As a result, it’s extremely important – both to avoid higher expenses and to refrain from having to work as hard – to find out all there is to know about how to avoid hail damage on your roof.

Good Tile Options for a Home in Illinois

Tile roofs confer homes a distinctive and very elegant Mediterranean look and they also provide efficient and long-lasting protection against the elements – a very important factor for Illinois homes that have to endure severe weather the year around. If you are in the process of finding the perfect tiles for your home in the Prairie State, Algonquin roofing companies offer a few suggestions:

Concrete or Clay Tiles

These attractive and very durable tiles are suitable only for buildings that can hold up a heavy roof. Most clay and concrete tiles resist well among the wide temperature fluctuations that are associated with the climate in Illinois, but if you choose this option, make sure you get Grade 1 tiles to prevent any cracking caused by heat waves and very cold periods. Concrete and clay tiles also provide superior thermal comfort inside the house – tile roofs can preserve the temperature inside the home comfortable in summer as well as in winter and their great ventilation features prevent the appearance of mold and mildew in the attic and throughout the home.

Tiles Made from Synthetic Materials

Synthetic tiles are made from plastic or rubberized materials that are more resistant to temperature variations than clay or concrete tiles and they are much lighter as well. Synthetic tiles are available in a very wide range of colors, textures and designs, allowing homeowners to benefit of the same attractive looks that clay or concrete offers, but without the weigh-related concerns. The tiles made from synthetic materials usually come with very long warranty periods, usually from 50 years upwards and they are also affordable and energy-efficient solutions for any home in Illinois.

Tiles Made from Steel and Other Metal Alloys

Another great and attractive roofing solution for Illinois homes. Metal tiles come in very many different designs and colors and they offer longevity as well. The metal alloys used in the tiles are not sensitive to corrosion or to rust, they don’t get damaged by changing temperatures, by very low or very high humidity, they don’t catch fire and they can hold up the weight of the snow in winter as well. Metal tiles are also lightweight, therefore suitable for lightweight buildings as well.

what type of roofing shingle to buy - time cost quality triangle concept

A Few Thoughts about Cost

Roofing tiles, whatever the type and the material, cost a bit more than other roofing materials, such as shingles. However, the longevity of these roofs and the great thermal insulation features offered by these modern systems make the investment worth it – if you choose to have a tile roof, you can be sure you will not have to replace it for decades and your energy bills will start shrinking the minute your tile roof is complete. If you take all these factors into consideration and you add the enhanced curb appeal, too, you will see that your tile roof can also add resale value to your home – the properties that have tile roofs are much more attractive and they also sell faster and for more when they are put out on the housing market.

Should You Invest in Leaf Gutter Guards?

Leaf gutter guards are simple, affordable and very useful devices that protect the health of your gutters as well as the health of your walls by ensuring that the gutters can properly direct the water away from them. Here are some more details about these great devices and the benefits of using them.

denver roofing installing leaf gutter guard

What Are, in Fact, Leaf Gutter Guards?

The principle role of the gutter is to hold up the water that rolls down the roof during and after rainy periods or when the snow starts melting at the end of winter and to direct it away from the wall of the house and into the ground. However, gutters tend to accumulate all sorts of debris – the wind carries dust that gets deposited in the gutters, birds and other rodents build nests in the gutter pipes during quiet, rain-free periods, twigs, branches and leaves fall off the trees surrounding the house and they end up in the gutters, too. Gutter guards are devices that get installed either on top of the gutter pipes or inside them in order to prevent the accumulation of unwanted objects and dust in the gutters, thus preventing the clogging of the gutter pipes and of the downsprouts.

The Benefits of Leaf Gutter Guards

Here are some of the most important advantages of having a Denver roofing company install leaf guards on or into your gutter pipes:

  • Enhanced gutter performance – gutter guards make sure your gutters are clog-free and directing water that could make your walls and your foundation wet away from the sensitive components of your building;
  • Prolonged gutter life – gutter clogging is harmful not only for the walls and the foundation. The clogs can promote the cracking and the corrosion of the gutter pipes as well – problems that are efficiently solved by gutter guards;
  • Affordability – gutter guards are inexpensive devices, a lot cheaper that new gutter pipes;
  • Reduced gutter maintenance needs – gutter guards can save you from a lot of work. They still need to be cleaned every now and then, but they are much quicker and much easier to clean that gutters without guards.

Types of Gutter Guards

There are many different types of gutter guards that you can choose from:

  • Reverse curves – they look like half pipes and they go on top of the gutter pipes to make the water that comes from the roof slip around the guard and to hold up any debris that comes with the water;
  • Metal screens – these types are fixed to the outer lips of the gutter pipe and they stop the debris that is larger than the holes in the metal mesh;
  • Sponge guards – this type is practically a large piece of resistant sponge that gets placed inside the pipe. The sponge fills the pipe, letting only water through and preventing the accumulation of debris.

To be able to choose the best type of gutter guard, you need to evaluate your particular situation, but all guard types are great for protecting your home and none of them is expensive.



Roof Replacement: A brief


Roofing is arguably the most important aspect of structural integrity when it comes to construction of houses and residential units. The roof protects you from the environment and keeps you safe. That is precisely why the phrase “put a roof over your head”; has so much meaning to it. We suggest that you utilise the efforts of your construction company or hire a professional to install the roof. In this article, we look into the concept of roof replacement and the mistakes that can lead to ineffective roof replacement.


Roofs get old and need to be replaced and repaired. But what happens is many low-cost roofing companies and house owners would just add new shingles over the old ones instead of excavating the old shingles. Excavating the old shingles can be an expensive process but one that is much needed. If new roof shingles are placed over old ones; the roof can degrade due to the accumulation of dirt and moisture in the space between old and new shingles.

Besides shingles the other area where low-cost roofing companies cut corners on is the metal flashing of the roof. The metal flashing is an important component of the roof that protects the vulnerable areas of the roof from deterioration. But the metal flashes are extremely difficult to remove and will require a lot of man-hours to do so. So these roofing companies polish the metal flashing and do minor work on them and reinstall the old ones. They charge you a bomb for it nonetheless. But the ramifications of not replacing your old metal flashing can be extraordinary. If the metal flashing is not strong, it can lead to moisture accumulation that can lead to leakage and compromise of the structural integrity of the roof leading to cracks.

We understand the kind of costs that go into replacing roofs, and we also understand your need to be cost-effective. If you don’t invest enough time into monitoring the work done by roofing companies or sign off on shortcuts; you will end up spending a lot more in roof re-instalment. Replacement may seem like an expensive investment, but it is one that needs to be done to make sure that your roof doesn’t completely fail. Roof replacement needs to be looked at as the surgery that is effectively going to take away all the pain and not as a bandage that is used to cover the cracks.

Solar Shingles: New Age Roofing


The age of millennials has coincided with the resurgence of renewable energy. More and more people are looking to save energy and support the world. But how can you possibly save energy when it comes to roofing? Well, the answer is quite simple; enter solar shingles. Solar shingles are quite different from the usual solar panel installation on the roof. Solar shingles are a lot more effective, and in this article, we explain everything you need to know when it comes to solar shingles.


The design is quite simplistic, and if you’ve been around the renewable energy block, you should know that these solar shingles can be viewed as one solar cell unit. Each solar cell unit has a photovoltaic cell inside which is made up of silicon as the semiconductor. The solar shingles unlike the panel that houses the solar cells are in the form of a tile. Hence the roof from top to bottom is covered by solar shingle tiles. The shingle tiles replace regular tiles and also increase the overall surface area over which solar energy from the sun falls on. In the case of solar panels; the biggest hurdle is to have enough solar panels to generate electricity, and they can often be extremely chunky to place on the roof. But the tiles completely eradicate the need to have large equipment on the roof thus giving you more space on the roof to work with.

The biggest obstacle to solar shingles was their poor electricity conversion rate, but that has greatly been overcome due to the advancement of technology. The rate of conversion has increased from 10% to over 20% in the last decade, and experts believe that rate is only going to go higher with newer technologies being added to the solar shingle.

The solar shingle can greatly reduce your electricity and utility bill by up to 70%, and each solar shingle is said to generate around 63 watts during a bright day. Although everything looks greener on this side, the fact of the matter is that solar shingles aren’t quite there yet. The solar shingles do have a larger surface area of absorption, but they cannot be moved to get better absorption rate as the earth rotates. Solar shingles also have a very metallic appearance and would look out of place. The biggest hurdle would be the installation costs; generally, solar shingle installation can cost you upwards of $30,000. We believe that solar shingles are definitely here to stay, but in terms of scalability, there is still a long way to go.


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