What Should I Do to Maintain the Roofing on My Home?

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Regular roof maintenance is the best, most efficient way to maximize the lifespan of your roof and to ensure problem-free operation. Ideally, roof maintenance should be performed seasonally each year, once in spring, to detect any issues caused by harsh winter weather and once in fall, to prepare the roof for the coming cold season. Here are the tasks involved.

Roof Cleaning

You can clean your roof standing on the ground or using a sturdy, properly anchored ladder to climb up to the roof, but you should avoid stepping on the roof as much as possible. Use a broom on a long stick or your garden hose to remove any debris that has accumulated on the surface on the roof, but avoid using your power washer – pressurized water might damage the roof surface. Start the cleaning process at the ridge and move slowly towards the gutters. When the roof surface is clean, grab a bucket and scraping tool and clean the gutter pipes and the downspouts, too, to ensure any water that runs down on the roof slopes can be directed away from the roof and the walls.

Roof Inspection

A thorough roof check-up is another essential maintenance task. Longmont roofing companies recommend that you inspect every inch of your roof to find any form of roof damage – look for dents, cracks, discolorations, signs of mold or moss, then note every fault to be able to schedule the necessary repairs. Pay special attention to areas where the continuity of the roof is disrupted such as the roof valleys or the areas around skylights – they are especially prone to damage.

During the inspection, check the roof vents and the attic area as well – your vents need to be suitable sized, intact and clog-free, while your attic space should be dry, without any signs of water dripping from the roof.


The issues detected during the roof inspection, whether small or large, need to be fixed as soon as possible – roofing problems tend to aggravate quickly, therefore they are better fixed sooner than later. If you consider that the roofing issues you have found exceed your knowledge, hire experienced Longmont roofing companies to perform the repairs in a professional manner.

Landscape Maintenance

One of the most common causes of roof damage is the impact caused by tree limbs and branches ripped off by strong winds and dropped on the roof. To avoid such issues, you need to inspect the trees on your landscape especially the ones that overhang your roof. If you find any branches that look weakened or dead, cut them off as soon as possible.

Preventive and Protective Measures

There are several tasks that you might want to consider to prevent certain roofing problems. One such measure is the installation of insulation under the roof – having installation of suitable type and thickness will improve your home’s energy efficiency and will prevent the formation of ice dams that can cause severe roof damage.

The other great preventative option is the application of protective roof coating – there are many products to choose from, such as reflective coatings to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the roof and waterproofing coats that seal the surface of the roof to prevent the penetration of water.